Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sense of Humor in our Resilience

I remember the first time I could laugh about something funny about my blindness. Steve and I were at the video store - I had wandered off to another isle and then gone back to who I thought was him and was being a little flirty. Only problem was ... it wasn't him! Okay yikes! After I recovered from my embarrassment, found Steve and we got in the car we laughed about this embarrassing now funny experience. Below is one of those other funny embarrassing moments.  I had to think for a few moments to remember what the actual embarrassing experience was as the memory I hold dear is the three of us laughing hysterically.  Let's do it again, girls!
This is a great article on Sense of Humor Tips.  It starts with a smile!  I remember when I started using the cane and felt like people were looking at me.  I decided to simply smile back.  I recognized that it felt great and also was helping my awkwardness be replaced with connecting with others.

I hope you have had a good laugh today - finding something a little funny in your Resilience Journey.


  1. I recall that moment so very well. We were about to pose for a picture with the three of us and you were in the middle. A random man came out of nowhere and sort of stopped in front of the three of us. You went to put your arm around the man who you thought was Lacey. You got a little close to the poor guy who was not sure what was happening at the time. The best moment ever! I love that the three of us could all laugh together! Let's for sure do it again soon! I could use another hysterical laugh. Love you Becky!

    1. So funny! Yes to very soon!! Love you!