Saturday, May 3, 2014


We all have moments etched in our minds: joyful ones and hard times that become opportunities :).   One of those days for me was a spring afternoon many years ago.  I even remember what I was wearing on this day: khaki pants and a favorite lime green and orange blazer :).  Maybe it would be back in style now!? The time frame was: young wife and mom, working part-time at an elementary school,  still adjusting to loss of my driver's license, in the middle of cane training and my vision was declining. I had recently gone to the retina specialist where I learned I had a secondary complication in my eyes -- Macula Edema (swelling in the macula - which causes further damage to the vision).   I was taking a medication that was a diuretic and was making me very sick.  The previous day I had been in the hospital getting an IV.  They were trying to find the balance of using the drug to be effective with the swelling while not impacting my health in other ways.  On this day I was beginning to experience kidney stones and was exhausted and in pain. I was also feeling discouraged as I knew the doctor would probably need to take me off this medication that was reducing the swelling.  I recall walking up the stairs hoping to have a few minutes to lie down before the kids came home from school and had various after school activities that I wanted to attend.  This simple quote helped me recognize my courage in that day and allowed me to cut myself some slack as well :).    

Does a day of courage come to mind for you?  

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